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    Introduce Yourself

    Please take a little time to introduce yourself and let us know a little bit about what makes you tick in this section. This thread will be a sticky so that everyone can learn a little about each other
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    Nice idea!! My name is Pedro Ampuero, and I am from the antipodes, Spain.

    What is a spaniard doing in this forum? Hunting on australia have been always a dream for me, and that was the reason I registered while ago in search of information. The reason I registered again now is because I have done some good friends over the years in this forum, and have learned a lot of things also.

    Hope to be able to get down there one day, and hunt with some of you guys. At the moment I am content to read your adventures, please keep them coming!

    Wish you all good luck in the woods!

    Antonio, you should present yourself also!:)
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    G'day all.......its good to be back. Some of you may already know me, but thought I'd give a bit of info about myself. My name is Armond, I live in Sydney and am married with 2 young kids (boy and girl). I love hunting and the outdoors and love getting out in the bush and away from the stress of normal life. I work in IT for my day job, and also make archery/hunting related slings and accessories from paracord in my spare time.

    I am a member of Manly Warringah Field Archers, and try to get out there most is my favourite photo:

    Feel free to drop me a PM and say hello.............
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    Jun 2011
    Sunshine Coast, QLD
    Hi All,
    My name's Preston. I've been shooting since I was 11(?) years old. I'm currently 18, 6'2ish and 190 odd pounds. I'm studying Psychology at USC here on the Sunny Coast and am thinking about becoming a copper when I get done.
    I've been a member of this forum since I was 14ish but didn't contribute much till after school finished. It was truly a sad day when we lost all the information we had accumulated here. I knew I should have printed out some of those game recipies!
    I'd just like to take a moment to thank the admin team for all their hard work and most of all for not quiting the moment they got told 10 years of blood, sweat and tears was gone. So here's to rebuilding what we had.
    Cheers guys,
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    My name is Rob Loiterton..Im a burnt out old fart that likes bush walking with a bow.
    Im a married father of 3 and I build bow strings and do farm labouring/caretaking for a crust.

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    I am also burnt out..... but not as bad as special and often bush walk with Rob.
    Real name is Peter Simpson, married with a couple of kids and live in Campbelltown NSW
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    Jun 2011
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US
    Good evening! Randy Weaver, currently living near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S. (about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh). I've been shooting a bow since I was 12, competing intermittently since I was 14, and still shoot the occasional indoor, field or 3-D tournament, but focus heavily on bowhunting. I spent 20 years in the U.S. Army, four years with the FBI, and 11 years with the Justice Department, interrupted by a detail to the White House after 9/11. I now run intelligence programs for a defense contracting company. I've bowhunted all over the U.S. and Canada, guided in Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico, and I sell a lot of lightly-used archery equipment (I've sent several bows and other items to Australia) on eBay and a little on ArcheryTalk, where I met several guys from Oz, including Tim D., "teed", with whom I've been exchanging emails for some time. Glad to hear there's a growing population of shooters and bowhunters down under...
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    Matt Fowler live in Orange nsw. Work for TTLogistics , I am Range captain with Orange & District Bowhunters.
    Married with 3 kids one's into bowhunting and fishing with me (boof) i'm a little burnt out too but not as much as Special
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    Jun 2011
    Tooperang/Mount Compass, SA
    G'day one and all.
    Michael Norton other wise known as Hood.
    Live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide with my Wife and two kids.
    I'm a retail merchandiser, and also run Wedgetail Slings on the side making bow and finger slings along with other products. Wedgetail Slings are also available in several archery shops around Australia.

    I shoot both wheels and trad. Hunt as often as I can (never often enough:) )

    All the best
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    Jun 2011
    Hi Bruce is my name, I work as a psychologist for a kids mental health service here in Brisbane. Maybe I'm the one who's mad because I've recently married again, I have a gorgeous daughter and it looks like I'm lining up to make a few more with the new and improved sports model. Did archery as a kid but didn't have any family hooked on the bush and hunting. Found it again at 37 and have been busting my clacker to make every chance count for my hunting. I've met some outstanding people on here and by and large most of the posts are respectable and grown up and the threads I find quite interesting. I've learned heaps and I'm hooked for sure. To the bloke that hacked the site and caused the grief I hope your penis drops off on a cold day.
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