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Thread: Handheld GPS

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    Handheld GPS

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering what’s the latest and greatest handheld GPS everyone is using these days for there backpack hunting?

    Cheers Guy
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    Hi Guy - maybe not the flashest - but for simplicity and performance - locks on in about 30 seconds - I like the Garmin Etrex 20x - but never rely on a battery gadget - learn to read a map and use a compass.
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    gpsmap 64s good rugged bit of gear
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    Quote Originally Posted by clance79 View Post
    gpsmap 64s good rugged bit of gear
    x2 I have the Garmin 64st model with built in maps however most of the time that is my backup and I just use one of the smart phone apps such as onX Hunt. Download the area you are hunting before you go & you have google earth imaging with satellite tracking & all the features of a regular gps even if there is no phone service. The only downside with the smart phone is using it in rain as the screens don't work well when your fingers are wet.

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    Handheld GPS

    Garmin Gpsmap 64s x3

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    What do people think of the Garmin Inreach...?
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    I use the Garmin Montana 650 , a bit bigger than most but the advantages are,

    Bigger screen for better viewing,
    Can use AA batteries or rechargeable battery from factory,
    Can double up as a camera ,with each photo having gps footprint ,so you don’t have to name all waypoints,
    You can download satellite imagery

    Cheers chris
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    +4 garmin GPSMAP64SX its quick easy and not a bad piece of gear but when I can just use phone apps

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