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    looking for a deerhunt

    Hi Guys

    I am pondering the idea of maybe going on a deer hunt I am keen on the reds but have never hunted any deer before or seen one in the wild so not fussed,
    I live in far west NSW 60 km from Cameron Corner so no where is really close so distance isn't a problem, just wondering what is the best way to go i.e. Guide, self hunt etc.

    any recommendations would be awesome, Cheers Bodie
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    This years group hunt was at jackals hide near Tenterfield, quite a lot of fallow deer there were then. Its a bow hunting only property and from memory was $40 per night. I think there are a handful of places like this in nsw. I hadn't really hunted deer (or much else with the bow) and although no shots were taken I was able to get within 50m of quite a few deer.
    Otherwise maybe look into NSW state parks maybe.

    I don't have any experience with guided hunts.

    There are a lot of opportunities for deer hunting in Victoria.

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    Really depends on what you're after Bodie. You can walk around all day in state forests and not see a thing, you can go unguided at places such as Jackals Hide or Milani and probably see a bit of game and with any luck get into them for a few shot opportunities. If you are wanting to put something on the deck then your best option will probably be a guided hunt as the guides know the deer activities, bedding areas and common routes etc. Be prepared to pay for that knowledge though as guided hunts are generally in excess of a few thousand $$$. There are a few people that run guided hunts for reds up in QLD and a mate has been with Glen Carlson @ Queensland Bowhunting Safaris for the last 2 years and booked again next year for the roar (He has shot red stags each year and they get better each year also).

    Good luck with it mate.
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    Also contact Mick Baker on this site (trophybowhunts)
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    Also contact Mick Baker on this site (trophybowhunts)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricochet View Post
    Also contact Mick Baker on this site (trophybowhunts)
    Hey Bodie, let him know you're from the forum he is a great supporter of the forum Group Hunts I organize!
    Haven't spoken with Brad Smith from 2-Blade Productions for a while, but can also recommend him highly from experience...and also another great supporter of the forum. He used to do guided hunts for Chital and Rusa Deer.....

    Also contact Ozzy Shane on this forum as he has just done a hunt with Luke Dickson on Moluccan Rusa deer up north, and had great success.



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