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    Tradition Setup / Leather Back Quiver

    Ragim Fox Reflex/Deflex 62" # 35 Longbow RH
    Specs say exotic redwood hard maple limbs with fiferglass overlay
    Has bear hair rest custom Flemish string Red /black rubber cat whiskers and an added leather grip .
    The bow is in excellent condition used mainly for form and a bit of fun .
    Would suit young archer or partner wanting to get into trading archery.
    Comes with custom sock
    Neet suede hip quiver
    Lightweight Mini Max 3 arrow bow quiver .As new never used just has foam arrow use.
    Will throw in 3x Easton platinum plus 1813 arrows unfletched and a couple of ribtecks

    Leather Back Quiver
    Divided inner suits x6 arrows reinforced base
    Modular system with molle type attachments where strap can be removed to attach to packs etc
    Based in Perth
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    Quiver sold

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