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Thread: LH trad bows

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    LH trad bows


    Selling a few
    Left to right
    3 x big rock TD 55lb Long bow<(sold), 40lb Recurve<(SOLD), 50lb recurve, $150 each
    Big rock TD 40lb LB + second set 60lb limbs $180
    Samick Spike 50lb 62in TD recurve $180
    big rock ILF bow 50lb black limbs $150
    Big rock ILF bow 50lb clear limbs +50lb black limbs $180


    All prices posted reasonable offers considered.
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    Sorry guys from bottom up hahaha

    And I missed the klaus LB 68in 50lb $150
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    Text message sent
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    Which one is the Klaus Stu? 3rd from the top?
    I'm interested in a long bow.

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    Yes mate that is correct

    Your inbox is full buddy
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    LH trad bows

    PM sent

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    PM sent

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    PM sent Katman with Stu's phone number.... (He's having trouble posting, like the rest of us...)


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    You selling any right hand bows stu?
    Big jim thunderchild 80#
    Big jim thunderchild 54#
    Super shrew lil favourite 65#
    Javaman elms deeps 75#
    Tomahawk woodland hunter 60#
    Ferret harvey archery
    Striker sport 55#
    KT44 55#, 65#, 75#
    Hoot lil hoot 46#
    Hoot lil hoot 54#
    Rodney wright stalker 45#
    Bear super magnum 45#
    Bear super magnum 45#
    Bear super magnum 45#
    Bear super magnum 48#
    Bear super magnum 50#
    Bear super magnum 55#
    Bear super magnum 55#

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