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Thread: My best goat

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    My best goat

    I was lucky enough to take this goat it is the second time I have had a stalk on him this time it all worked out.
    I am that lucky to be able to work and hunt at the same time, it takes my mind of the drought,being a farmer has its benefits
    he measured 112 if his horns were even would of gone 116 absolutely stoked with him
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    Nice work
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    Nice billie - what long bow is that?
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    My best goat

    Itís an Martin ml-10 70#@28 nothing pretty but tough as nails. Have got a bow being built at the moment by Yarrum bows in WA wonít know myself when that turns up

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    I got one of them,75#@29" takedown. Good bit of gear
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    Good on ya mate
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    yewwwww congrats mate
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    Cracker goat, He's a ripper mate, well done Bodie.
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    Solid! Nice work
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