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    Is it time for change...?

    Hi all.
    I sent assassin a PM and an email explaining my thoughts on the forum and itís requirements for an overhaul. Iíd throw my hat in the ring to commit my time to it. Iíve got bowhunting experience (35 years...), reasonable computer skills, and am not working. I do not see working again in my future for anything over a 20 hour week, due to an injury I sustained to my back and can no longer do my trade as Diesel Fitter. I now commit my time to daddy day care, and tinkering about on my newly bought hobby farm of 40 acres here in Charters Towers QLD.
    I would be curious to see or speak to someone in the know ( ie Ant or similar moderator), to at least give this forum a shot at returning to what we know it can be. Because letís be honest, some of the latest posts and threads are from years ago. The competitions are non existent. I would be able to get sponsors, prizes etc and would be willing to put my heart into it. I remember what this forum used to be in its glory, and frankly, itís dissapointing to see what it has become.
    Also, I donít, nor have I ever, done Facebook or any of the other social/ anti social sites, so I wouldnít be a chance of running off once I got a bit of notoriety..... ha ha.
    Iíd be keen to hear peopleís thoughts on this. Be it positive or negative. I feel itís time for me to give something back. Iím sure that Iím not the only person feeling these thoughts, but I certainly have to time to try and help lift this great place up out of the rut that it has found itself in.
    Cheers guys.
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    Yep I’m all for big change, I hardy come here anymore and considering I use to check it first thing in the morning then before bed. Bring back the invovelment of this great community
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    Sounds like you've got a plan there mate, The forum used to be Awesome back in its hay day, ( When Luke had it cranking and you had little jewels nominated next to your name haha). I hardly log on anymore either Tommy, just doesn't have the appeal it once had. Hopefully you can fire it up Hyndsie.
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    Is it time for change...?

    Would like to see this recovered if possible but let's face it since photobucket screwed people forums have gone downhill.
    I'd say stay away from fb. Even release aids are defined as Weapons by the nutbags over there if they end up on marketplace.
    Other options would be the AHN forum.. already hosted and has a bowhunting sub forum. Several members are already over there.
    Plus they have insurance etc which members can get..
    Only issue would be they require gun lic# on sale posts which I suspect many members won't have.
    Hosting is anywhere between $10-100 per month depending on what exactly you want so unless sponsors are going to chip in or we piggyback again..

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    Sounds like your the perfect person for the task. Between yourself and Assassin I`m sure you could pump some life back into it.
    Actually have some people who show some interest and care back behind the wheel again
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    I commend your post Hyndsie. I personally would back someone such as yourself to put some love and enthusiasm back into the forum. Not taking anything away from the current captain as I haven't traveled a mile in your shoes, but frustration among users is high and there has been very little communication from those/the person steering this ship.
    Let's move forward I say...
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    Yep great idea Matt, would love to see you bring it back to its day, was the only site I visited and contributed to. All power to you mate and I sure will become more active on the site again.

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    Sounds like a plan, the site definitely needs some life injected into it.
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    I would like to see a serious attempt at revamping these pages first, Antonio supported me during the Jackal incident and regardless of the issues, feel I need to at least see this out to the end.
    On the other hand I have been looking into this also and once established a new forum can be self sufficient in a fairly short period if it's run like a business, but starting again from nothing at all is a big task.
    At least you can now see what not to do with a forum and speaking of what not to do, there's also that "other" forum with the constant fear mongering and endless stories of roos shot with field points, it may be relevant but it's the last thing I need to be seeing when logging on.
    Good luck hyndsie
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    As a newcomer to the site I like being able to read up on old posts/threads, which I assume could be lost if starting over again? Would be a shame to loose all that information. But I agree something needs to be done, but running a forum is something I know nothing about.
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