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    Battling drought and depression

    Just a video I did the other day talking about my dealings with drought and depression please take the time to watch and share


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    Good messages and advice there mate, thanks.
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    Thanks for posting that mate...it is food for thought, and as A-Aron said it has a great message that we must think about!
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    Wrll done B Hill....take my slouch hat off to you...and raise a glass for you mate.....walk your line...
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    Gday Bodie,

    I'm about a year late to the conversation mate, but that was very well said. I think most fellas have been through that emotional break like you described, but what most of us are truly crap at is talking about it and being honest about it. Good on you mate for having the courage to putting your feelings out there.

    That's not just good for you to talk about it, its great for other blokes to see it and know they're not alone and that they can talk about it. The world needs more people like you who will step up to the mark.

    I'm not sure where you are but I bet its still bloody dry. I hope you're still finding the positives and finding time to bend the bow.


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