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Thread: 2019 bows

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    2019 bows

    With the release of some manufacturers like Hoyt, Bowtech, and even Obsessions new line up, and I think one more sleep for the Mathews Vertix, I'm surprised there has been no talk so far ?
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    Xpedition still yet to come. I think the 21st of this month they release some new models..
    Interested to see what's to come.
    I get all wound up only to be deflated by the new bow releases.. Haha
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    2019 bows

    All same same. If you have a flagship bow made in the last 5 years there is little point in looking.
    If you are due an upgrade they are all good.. pick the one most comfortable to you.

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    New uglier risers and the same (or worse) speeds, not a lot to get excited about
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