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    Buyer beware.... GRIZZLYPAUL

    I purchased a range finder from grizzly Paul over a month ago, sent him $290 in good faith of the item being posted and arriving. I asked for tracking numbers with no response.

    Then I got his number from another forum member. He won't answer or return my calls or messages. I believe this has happened before with grizzlypaul and I am disappointed in myself for not reading previous reviews.

    So at the moment it stands that I have almost lost $300 due to a member being dishonest and not following through with the goods. I'm still hopefull that maybe he has something going on and there has been a delay. If I don't hear from him in a couple of weeks I will be looking at other avenues of getting my money back. And possibly catching up with Paul.

    Pretty disappointed, this is my first bad experience from the forum.

    Be careful

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    Not on your own there mate I bought a knife and paid for it only for it never to arrive.
    I have been told he is very sick but hes still been well enough to get on here and advertise
    other things like your range finder but not well enough to answer pm"s.
    I get about one return PM for every five I send and each time it is promising to send the knife that week.
    I think it is about four months now since I paid for it and dont really think I will ever see it but
    still hold hope it turns up one day. I have not put anything up here as I wanted to give him
    every chance to sot it out I even told him to just refund the money if that would be easier if
    he was too sick to get to the post office but he said it was fine and he would sort it out. A month ago....
    I am not out of pocket too much but it makes me thing twice about who we have on here.
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    Objective feedback and ratings help everyone make the right decision about whether or not they can put down their money first in a show of good faith. Most auction and other buy sell sites live and die by this stuff. The truth sets us free.
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    Kimall, yes I was thinking along the same lines I did not want to post about it, but at the same time it may give him a push along, if he wants his reputation upheld.
    If he is sick, and struggling to get to the post off, he could always communicate that across to us.

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    Brooster, agreed mate! If I was to see a few bad reviews about grizzlypaul, I wouldn't be in this situation.

    Hopefully he does the right thing, before I have to travel down other avenues.

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    Hey guys.

    I don't get on here much, but a mate alerted me to this thread.

    I used to be very close with Grizzlypaul, but then saw his true colours and have cut him off. Also got stung like you guys have. It's very upsetting to hear he's done it to others in such a deceptive way.

    All I can say is - do not buy his excuses.

    Happy to PM you his mobile (so you can check if it is correct) and his email. I will also consider contacting him myself to tell him to pull his head in.


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