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    Cool WA Boar

    Gday gang, I was lucky enough to get this printed in the last edition of Arrowhead, figured I’d chuck it up here too, hope you enjoy!

    A Blokes First Boar
    The afternoon hunt had started out the same as most others, a couple of practice shots to make sure everything was hitting where it should, fill of the water bladder, all the normal stuff. Except for one main difference, on this particular occasion I'd finally managed to convince my better half to join me for an afternoon stroll, It's not like she'd never wanted to come with me before but having four kids under the age of 5 more often than not throws a spanner in the works when it comes to both of us getting out of the house at once. But that's what we were doing today so off we went to drop the billy lids at the inlaws and headed off to a mates property to see if we could snag a few of the grunters that had been making a mess of his back paddock.
    We arrived at the block, got our gear ready and headed in. I was fairly confident of seeing a few and possibly arrowing my first boar as there'd been some pretty crazy numbers of pigs getting around in this block so I figured it was only a matter of time until a boar showed up and the cocky was pretty keen to get rid of a few as well as they were making a hell of a mess of his spring-fed gullies and dams.
    On the way in there's a small spring to cross surrounded by blackberries with a couple of open patches that normally holds several wallows and there's no way around it. It's not always the nicest feeling dropping into the hollow that the spring runs through and walking through the mud that has been turned by pigs over and over again, being surrounded by 6' high blackberries on all sides when you know there's some reasonable sized hogs hanging around. I figured ladies first might not be the best option today so I made my way down into the spring first, sure enough as soon as I was in the lowest part, standing in the deepest mud I heard some rustling coming from my right amongst the blackberries. My pulse quickened up a bit and a quick glance back revealed my wife give me a bit of a grin and a thumbs up before she headed towards the nearest tree, as if to say 'Go on mate, you'll be right!'.
    Thankfully the wind was holding steadily in my favour and nothing came tearing out of the bushes at me so I slowly made my way through the bog and up the other side of the hollow at which point you can see down into the next clearing in the blackberries from about 15mtrs, there in the middle of the clearing were 5 fat little ginger and black pigs having a good old time rooting around in the mud. Now I know the 'let them go let them grow' mantra, but down here in this corner of South-West WA they're getting out of control due to the terrain and amount of feed available almost year-round and this property owner wanted as many taken out as possible, due to the sheer amount of numbers invading and ripping up his pasture and robbing feed from his cattle on top of fowling water sources and the possibility of spreading disease.
    I wasn't aware that either of us knew sign language but I managed to sign to my offsider that there were 5 pigs in the clearing and that I would arrow one at which point the rest will likely scatter so just stand still and they should run right past you. To my surprise the wife understood exactly what my hand movements had implied and a thumbs up was returned.
    So from my vantage point a couple of meters above, I ranged the pig in the middle of the clearing at 18mtrs, came to full draw and settled my 20mtr pin a fraction low on the pig in the most space and clipped off the release. At 18mtrs there's not much time for anything to react and the arrow made good contact in the middle of the sweet spot and passed straight through burying itself up to the vanes in the mud. The rest of the pigs scattered as predicted and found more cover and were out of harms way.
    So here we were maybe 10 or 15 minutes into our afternoon hunt and we already had 1 pig on the deck, we were pretty happy with the way things had panned out so far and so we headed off into the cockies pasture fairly optimistic and with thoughts of maybe running into a big hooky hog creeping into my head as they always do.
    It was pretty warm and still a bit early but the plan was to hunt up along the river into the wind and maybe come across a mob bedded up in the shade or in the mud somewhere and then hunt back the way we'd come with the cool air coming back down the hills as the temperature dropped towards dusk. The walk up the river was uneventful apart from finding truck loads of sign along the flats and a few good wallows along the river bank. We stopped at the boundary for a drink and turned to make our way back the way we'd come.
    The temperature had started to drop and there was the odd cloud starting to produce a bit of shade as we were approaching the last gully that feeds the river before exiting the property. The wind had shifted and was now running downhill as we rounded a little crest just above the banks of the river we spotted a decent mob of pigs from maybe 150mtrs off making their way down for a feed. We quickly crouched low and circled back around the way we'd come and parked ourselves under a low hanging tree in the shade so we could have a quick glass and see what was amongst the mob.
    We were hatching a little plan of how best to deal with the situation when we spotted a good sized pig hanging at the back of the mob, I lifted up my bushnell binos for a better look, I didn't have much to say as I'd just laid eyes on my first boar and my mind had shifted in an instant to how I was going to get past 20 other ferals in order to get an arrow in the big bloke. I simply muttered 'Gee that's a good sized pig!'. The Mrs was whispering all sorts of gibberish I'm not too sure what she was on about, sounded like a few choice words along with 'Get it! Don't miss! Holy ... I'm so scared! Bloody hell there's heaps of them!' etc. Anyway, she seemed excited to be there.
    So now the plan was made, while they were still a way off, I'd stalk out to about 40 or 50 yards from the gully/creek they were feeding down so I could have a distance indicator on that side, wait like a statue with an arrow knocked and hopefully the breeze would hold steady and with any luck I'd just wait and they'd feed down straight past us and with a huge dollop of extra luck old mate at the back of the pack would hurry up and walk past broadside and offer a shot. If the plan didn't pan out then I'd just take the best shot on offer and see if I could get a few on the deck for the cockie.
    With the plan made, I ventured out from the cover while there was still some distance between the ourselves and the pigs. I only had to move in maybe 15mtrs but it was slow going as I'd moved out from underneath the only cover for miles so it seemed to take bloody ages, moving ever so slowly and doing my best to only move when there wasn't 20 sets of eyes looking my way.
    Once I'd made my way out to my desired position I simply stood and waited, and I can tell you right now, your best laid plans might not always come together but when they do it's like poetry in motion haha! Sure enough the boar that I had been watching had sharpened up his pace a bit and was now in the middle of the pack and out wide on my side, maybe 60 yards off. He'd paused to have a bit of a snuffle when a younger pig thought it woud be a good idea to see what he was up to. Old mate wasn't very happy about the intrusion and proceeded to have a bit of a go at the younger bloke and chased him around for a bit just to show him who the boss was, when he decided he was finished he'd propped 40 meters off and almost perfectly broadside.
    This was all the encouragement I needed to draw back on the 70lb PSE Drive while he was pre-occupied, settle the 40mtr pin, and let the carbon death stick tipped with a 125 grain razor sharp vented Northern broadhead loose on it's way to the mark in his shoulder. The shot felt good but he took off at a rate of knots and that's when the rest of the mob spooked and the proverbial hit the fan. Pigs were going every where so it was pointless trying to get a shot into anything else so we just watched as almost two dozen pigs headed for the hills. Amidst the commotion I'd lost sight of the boar but the Mrs had been watching intently having never witnessed a bow-hunt and she assured me that the shot had looked good. Now that everything had died down we proceeded to have a look for my boar. I wandered over to where the hehad been standing and immediately found good blood, a flash of orange caught my eye some 20mtrs further on where I found my arrow lodged in the soil with maybe only 6 inches visible and good blood on the vanes.
    We followed the blood up the creek for roughly 60mtrs where we found my boar expired on the banks. It was a bit of a relief to find him and I was pretty happy to finally have a boar on the deck after already shooting a few sows in recent times, our educated guesses were that he would have been at least 80kg not huge, but he'd been eating well and didn't appear to have great tusks but it didn't matter really as they get hunted pretty hard by the dogs around home so they're normally pretty cagey by the time they get to this blokes size so it was congratulations and even a hug and a 'well done' from the Mrs. So he had made roughly 70 or 80mtrs after the shot, upon closer inspection the shot was a touch further back than I would have like but that's why it pays to have shaving sharp heads and a good cutting diameter as regardless of not being 100% happy with the shot it had done the trick.
    We finished up with a few photos and all in all it was a cracking afternoon, we managed to clean up a few pigs for the landowner which he was extremely happy about, and the Mrs had a good time too hopefully I can get her out more often, she's even started making noises about a bow of her own along with plenty of noise about how she's good luck and that I don't get anything when she's not around etc etc. And I ended up with my first boar, I finished cleaning up his head the other day to say I'm happy with how it turned out is an understatment!
    Here's hoping it's the first of many boars and that I can get the Mrs out for another hunt soon, maybe she is good luck after all? And maybe she might have a bow of her own by then too.

    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Great stuff Bigrang, it looks like a nice block you have there. My wife hated the smell of the boars & is'nt keen to come out anymore. It sounds like you need to get your misses a bow quickly & get her in the mix before she changes her mind !
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    Good read mate, sounds like it might be worth a trip back there.
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    Cheers fellas, yeah it’s by far and away my favourite pig block. Beautiful country and great fun to hunt, the owner is a good customer of mine and always keeps me in the loop with what’s moving about, makes things a bit easier!
    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Cool pics and write up, good looking block that one Congrats on the boar bruz. Couple more like that and we will be calling you Pigrang.
    (that's a dad joke and no, I'm not sorry)
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    There's a lot of fun to be had with pigs when you have a bow in your hand. Hope your partner gets bitten by the bug as well, double the fun with your best mate.
    Thanks for sharing
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    well done with the magazine publication and this one dude, congrats on the hog.

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    Funny you should say that Rhino, I’ve neautralized a few more off that block now, see if I can get those stories published before I throw them up here though I think. And yep I’d love for her to get out with me more often Brooster but I’m not sure how often we’ll be able to manage it until the kids are a bit older unfortunately. Thanks Scotty, nice to get one in there on the same pages as some pretty unreal hunters, hopefullly I can get a few more in there!
    West Australian Bowhunter

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