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    Wood ( Timber ) Arrow Questions

    Wood Arrows - straight shafts or rear barrelled 11/32 to 5/16 .? does tapering the rear end of the shaft affect the spine of the arrow. I believe it will improve the FOC and lighten the overall weight of the arrow but will it reduce the spine of the arrow as well?

    Wanting to achieve further distance, of the arrow flight, without getting a to weekend spine.

    Your thoughts on buying a set of unfletchecd timber tuning shafts 40/45 45/50 50/55 55/60 to bare shaft tune on a 45 pound Reflex Deflex long bow.

    Before ordering my next dozen woods, i think the woods i currently have are 50/55 spine, i think i could go slightly lighter?
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    Hey Bunga, I haven't been on this forum for ages - the spine may vary when barrelling rear end. If you're looking for distance why not just go for a lighter mass weight arrow, in the same spine. The barrelling effect may reduce contact. You can go lighter mass weight and same spine, with different timber species. We have some 5/16 oregon that carries 85# spine - however they are too light in mass weight.... nothing to do with your scenario, just trying to explain it a little better. cheers sue :)

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