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    Bowtech CPXL 70# Rh - Complete

    Selling everything, not willing to separate at the moment, would rather have it all go at once. Everything is in great to excellent condition.


    Bowtech CPXL 70# Rh
    7” brace height
    27.5” to 32” draw length
    35” ATA
    New strings that haven’t had an arrow through them
    Limbs and bow are in excellent condition

    Ripcord Ace with Micro Adjust

    HHA single pin slider OL-5519
    I machined up a custom plate to give me more room to attach the quiver

    Fuse Carbon Blade 8” with Doinker Quick Release

    Spot Hogg Wise Guy
    Tru-Fire Hardcore

    Octane Deadlock Pro 5 arrow quiver

    Misc items
    Carbon Express Predator II 6075 full length arrows (4 fletched, 8 not)
    Bohning Pro-Class Fletching Jig – with straight attachment
    Easton T bow square
    Bow string separator
    Line wax
    Couple packs or Blazer vanes (red and white)
    Spool of black serving
    Black wrist sling

    Text me for a quicker response
    Nathan 0423 760 135
    Located on the Gold Coast

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    Bowtech CPXL 70# Rh - Complete

    Do I need a module to make it a 31.5 inch Draw?

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    Bowtech CPXL 70# Rh - Complete

    No, no cams needed, it’s adjustable from 27.5 to 32”.

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    Bowtech CPXL 70# Rh - Complete

    Can you post?

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