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    Ridgeline Apache boots question

    Anyone tried a pair of these? What do you reckon? Was the sizing correct?
    Cheers Bruce
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    Ridgeline Apache boots question

    Haven't, but after trying other ridgeline stuff I wouldn't risk it on something as critical as boots.

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    Ridgeline Apache boots question

    I've got a set, lasted a few years really well until I went near some salt water, that took the glue straight off the soles. Very comfortable boot, I got a size 12, which is the same as my work boot size. I bought the warrior version when the Apache died, and the glue seems better on them, they've been in saltwater heaps. I personally prefer the high cut of the warrior, but both are good value for money boots.

    They are a fairly warm boot, made for mild conditions, not hot weather. I found them to be pretty cold marching around in snow though.


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    I've got the warrior as well. I would buy again.
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    I found the footprint of the sole to be massive compared to other boots in my size, it was near impossible to tip toe anywhere near leaf litter and twigs etc without making noise. The rubber of the sole is quite hard and very audible when bumped against rocks.
    Might be fine for rifle hunting NZ's moist Hills but imo these aren't suitable for bowhunting when silence at close range is a priority.
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    You prefer ballerina shoes don't you Rhino ?

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