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    Hoyt bows for sale

    Hi all,
    I have a few bows that i want to get rid of.
    1. Hoyt defiant 34 60-70# in a #3 cam realtree xtra camo. There is a ding in a limb that started a splinter, i glued it down and haven't had any issues since. Looking for $550 bare bow. Inc. postage
    2. Hoyt carbon spyder zt turbo 60-70# in #3 cam 29.0" and 29.5" modules. Realtree xtra camo. New killer bowstrings and a new spare string. Quick detach hoyt quiver, beestinger stabilizer, trophy taker smack down rest and an IQ 5 pin sight. Looking for $ 1450 inc. postage
    3. Hoyt CRX35 50-60# in #2 cam 28.5" and 29.0" modules. Blackout* Trophy taker smack down rest, basic 3 pin sight, hoyt 5.5" stabilizer* and 8" fuse carbon blade stabilizer. It has tightspot quiver but it has damage to one of the carbon rods. Looking for $450. Inc. postage
    4. Hoyt carbon defiant 34 60-70# in #3 cam realtree xtra camo. Hoyt stabilizer, hoyt QAD ultra rest, hoyt sight and a 4 arrow hoyt quiver. Looking for $1450 inc. postage
    5. Hoyt carbon defiant turbo 40-50# in #3 cam. Ridge reaper camo. Has very good condition killer bowstrings Comes with a 2 piece hoyt quiver, hoyt stabilizer, trophy taker pro click smack down rest, IQ 5 pin sight. Looking for $1300. Inc. postage
    I also have 2 sureloc lethal weapon 5 pin sights. Looking for $300 each and a new tightspot 7 arrow quiver in black for $150.
    I can send pics message me on 044 700 8320
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    Hoyt bows for sale


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    Hoyt bows for sale


    Great to deal with, thanks for the sight mate

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    Only got #1 and #5 to go

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