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    Mathews Switchback XT 70@28.5 or 27.5 RH

    Whole set up package for sale. Leaving hunting to concentrate on fly fishing.
    Mathews switchback XT 70pounds RH with 28.5 and 27.5 modules, truglo 5 pin sight, whisker rest.
    Good condition, some scratches but nothing other than cosmetic, would rate a solid 8/10
    Included is the following.
    Plano compact hard bow case
    10 GT expedition 55/75 arrows at 28.75
    8 slick trick broadheads 125gr think they were the magnums.
    Broad head case
    Portable bow press, tools wax spare vanes, wrist release aid fletching jig bow
    Sling, fletch cover. etc.
    basically a whole setup in a bow case ready to go.
    Id be looking for around the $450 mark but make an offer, would swap for a 7 or 8wt fly rod to the same value
    Happy to provide other pics if required
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    Mathews Switchback XT 70@28.5 or 27.5 RH

    Mate is this still for sale?
    Cheers Bruce

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    Yeah still available mate
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    Hey mate is this bow still available ? If so could you please flick me some pics 0428288350. Thanks Matt.
    Family, Hunting and Beer. I wish I had more time for all three haha
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