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    Why is it that people stuff their misguided ideas down other peoples throats, I accept that everyone has an opinion but why sabotage legitimate sites with their miss guided information, i don't stuff my way of life down enveryones throat i accept we are all different in how we live life but please accept some of us are still hunters and gatherers and enjoy what we hunt and gather, we are not indiscriminate killers for the sake of killing, we take the meat and what ever we can uttillise in our way of life, can you please accept we are not destroyers of native animals as a lot of people think we are but enviromentilests who respect our native flora and fauna and will protect them any way we can. Regards Keith.
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    Agree 100% Keith, I have always considered myself an environmentalist and a responsible hunter.
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    Fully agree Keith, curious as to what's brought this up, magilla sums it up fairly well.
    I rekn an aussie bowhunters proudest achievement is having the self control to never arrow a roo or wallaby no matter how close or how empty the freezer was in hard times, certainly been a few blown stalks on deer where I didn't have to go home empty handed and desperately needed meat, respect and bowhunting go hand in hand imo.
    Hope your feeling better mate and ready to spend Xmas with the family
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