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    DNA Bowhunter Season 2

    Hey guys, hope everyone had a great Christmas and got some nice new hunting gear under the tree.

    Finally after a couple of years in the filming and editing we have Season 2 ready. We wonít be doing DVDís with this one deciding to upload the full series to YouTube one episode at a time over the next couple of months. Hope you guys enjoy this as Danny and I really enjoyed hunting and filming it trying to capture the experience of the adventure.

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    Merry Christmas Batesy, good on ya for putting them up on you tube, legend.
    Nice pig, great looking country.
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    Another awesome video! Thx for sharing.
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    Thanks guys. I’ll get episode two up a couple weeks
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    Onya champ

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    DNA Bowhunter Season 2

    Love your work mate, keep them coming!!

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    Good stuff batesy..always like watching your vids
    hunting the new england
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    Thanks Guys,
    Episode two will be going up on Friday.

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    Hey guys, hope everyone’s getting excited for the Rut. Episode 3 is Falow deer to get you in the mood.


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