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    New favorite knife

    In the last 18 months I've really taken a 'shine' to using D2 carbon steel as a knife but being the sort of person to do things outside the box has lead to the making of this blade.
    Somewhere along the line it occurred to me that this would be an excellent steel to construct a blade with an extremely hard edge and a much softer spine.
    After a bit of trial and error (not to mention a few cracked blades), I had success with a knife I made for myself.
    D2 is normally quenched using forced air, with this the spine was insulated with fireproof cement and this was air quenched for 2 seconds then just the first 3mm of blade was water quenched for 3 seconds and then tempered as normal.
    Here's the finished product. The handle is a piece of ironbark root burl I found at the creek, cut from the chunk in the background.

    Blade specs.
    Handle 110mm long, 4.2mm thick, extensively drilled, chain style filing on spine, quilted ironbark scales, Alabama Damascus bolsters, brass pins.
    Blade. 130mm long, 2.8mm thick with a full face grind.
    Sheath is 4mm saddle leather with a fallow stag/leaf embossed by hand.
    I like D2 because its decent tool steel and doesn't want to rust up as quick as other carbons do.
    The knife has now dispatched two pigs and butchered 4, including cutting up the roasts as well as a heap of bushcraft stuff and everything was effortless and although it will be a brute to re sharpen one day, it holds a reliable edge extremely well.
    Cheers for reading
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    This pic might come through clearer.
    Forum seems great this morning, hasn't missed a beat
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    Nice,sort of a modern version of clay tempering
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    Wow ! That's a piece of art Rhino, love the shape too.
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    Very nice Rhino
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    nice knife and sheath
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    Great looking knife Rhino, you have a bit of talent mate. Forum is working perfect for me today, hope it lasts.
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    G'day. Nice stuff. Actually I'm here to pass on a query from a motorbike forum:

    Seems I remember Rhino, ya had a private business making leather stuff, maybe. Anyway, concerning the saddlebags this guy is after some and I remembered you.

    Personally, I checked out Ends Cuoio (italian leather) and thats a look that works over here - and whaddya know this guy is after an aussie craftsman. So letting youse know.

    Zuni cacao seams leather seat-specifically-for Indian Scout models-Bobber-Ends-Cuoio.jpg

    Leather bike gear sells for pretty good money.
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    I appreciate the name drop Dave, yes I've made several sets of saddlebags with matching messenger bag and eagle artwork. The thing is there is too much time between jobs and I make more renovating bathrooms, also would much prefer to have the bike and saddlebag mounts in front of me to get the "perfect" custom fit.
    Appreciate that you thought of me, all the best
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    Once again you have excelled,that is sweet!

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