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    Hoyt gamemaster 2

    Wanting to sell my gamemaster 2. I've only personally shot 2 or 3 arrows out of it. 60#@28",62" long. Comes with a hoyt 4 arrow quiver. $300+postage FIRM !
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    Would you consider trading for 56# Gringa longbow.
    Hoyt Gamemaster 2 50# Gringa longbow 56#
    Gold tips 3555
    Tusker Spirits 125gr
    Judo points 125gr
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    Sorry no
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    Sold !!!!
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    Back up for sale
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    In fact whoever buys it will be getting a free fox and rabbit skin as I can't be arsed pulling the package apart
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    I will take this mate. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big pete joy View Post
    Cheers mate, they still go for 400-575 US on ebay so I couldn't pass up a bargain or let ed get hold of it lol. Thanks again bowhunter, looking forward to sinking some bullseyes at distance with this beast and of course another bow to hide from the misso
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    Huh,wish other people on here were so happy to grab the bargain instead of stuffing me around
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