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    Bowhunting Tassie

    I asked DPIPWE in Tasmania about Bowhunting in the legislation and this was their response....

    Bow hunting tasmania

    Wildlife Reception (DPIPWE) <Wildlife.Reception@dpipwe.tas.gov.au>
    Wed 23/01/2019 4:45 PM

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    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding bow hunting.

    In Tasmania, by law No species of wildlife can be taken with a bow, see Wildlife (General) Regulations 2010 https://www.legislation.tas.gov.au .The list of species that are classified as wildlife can be located under the schedules.
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    Welcome. The Tasmanian Legislation website gives free public access to Tasmanian legislation. Acts that were in force as at 1 February 1997 are available in consolidated form and Acts passed after 1 February 1997 are available as made and in consolidated form. Statutory Rules made after May 1998 are available as made and in consolidated form. Point-in-time searching is available on Acts from 1 ...

    Rabbits, Hares or feral cats are classified as vermin and can be taken with a bow, however animal welfare considerations need to be taken into account to ensure it is a clean kill. Penalties for failing to adhere to the Animal Welfare Act 1993 are significant.

    Permission from the land holder is also required to hunt on their land, this includes private land , state forest or crown Land. For this permission you will need to contact the relevant managers of that land, for example - Crown Land, PWS (Parks and Wildlife Service) are the land managers and for State Forest, STT (Sustainable Timbers Tasmania) are the land managers, but they may not allow hunting to occur for various reasons.

    Game licences can be purchased in Tasmania for species such as Wallaby, Fallow Deer, Ducks, Quail, Pheasants and Mutton-birds but all of these species are classed as Wildlife under the Wildlife (General) Legislation 2010.

    More information I have attached the 2018 volume of Game tracks booklet which explains hunting costs and other hunting information.

    In regards to bow hunting and safe distances from roadways and dwellings you will need to contact the Tasmania Police and Firearms Services (phone 03 6173 2720).

    If you have any further questions please donít hesitate to contact the Wildlife Management Branch.

    Kind regards,
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    so nothings changed then....
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    Not bowhunting friendly down there, doubt it will change in the near future. If you are into rifle hunting and can get onto a property there are some large herds of deer down there.
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    The only strings they pull down there are bango strings
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    Bowhunting Tassie

    Have you got the booklet link mentioned in the email?

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