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Thread: Carter Release

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    Carter Release

    So i hand a barnery recently and long story short i let go of my release instead of applying pressure to the button, the arrow traveled about 8m into the dirt, missing that rabbit that was still relaxed feeding at 62yrds, i would not recommend this shooting technique. The release how ever flew about 6m to my right after smashing into the riser, taking out the cable slide on its way.
    I felt stupider than a clown at a funeral!

    the jaw on the release was severely bent and wouldn't`t close, I got in contact with Carter and send it off in the mail to the USA late November. 3 weeks later my release arrives on my door step, repaired and shipped free!!

    Just a Big shout out to Carter Releases, yeah they are expensive but excellent quality and outstanding customer service.
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    I can 2nd that. I had 2 releases with issues more from hunting use than anything else. I sent them to Forrest Carter for repair and the turnaround time was incredible and free of charge..
    Excellent customer service and great releases.
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    That's great service from carter, I just bought a tru ball but not really liking it much.
    Next time just chuck the whole bow at the bunny

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