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    FS: Hoyt Defiant 34

    Hey Guys,
    I have for sale an 80# 2016 Hoyt Defiant 34, this bow is like brand new and has fired less than 50 arrows. I bought the bow and all accessories back in 2016 with the intention of setting it all up but unfortunately due to an injury I couldn't shoot the bow and so it was put in the case and left it there. Since then Ive just kinda of lost the passion for it all and want to sell it. The bow has the number 2 cam and will come with the following:

    - Spot hogg tommy hog 3 pin custom sight
    - Carter 2 shot release Aid
    - 10 heatseaker hunter shafts fletched and wrapped with fluro orange flex - fletch vanes
    - Custom fluro orange strings by Peter M at killer bow strings
    - Tight spot bow quiver
    - Trophy taker smack down pro
    - Synunm bow press
    - Hard case ( can remove stickers if the buyer wants)

    I asking $1600 negotiable (buy pays postage)
    located in Sydney but I am willing to meet a buyer halfway or something.

    thanks Sean 51944623_340738386534521_4496845855722045440_n.jpg52401098_1992567644383500_4042418511711043584_n.jpg51807872_1677582182341648_556673133596114944_n.jpg52136231_744631612603321_7433569275241037824_n.jpg51762709_400747470493840_6392851579334033408_n.jpg
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    FS: Hoyt Defiant 34

    Draw length?

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    It’s currently set at 28.5
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    Price drop $1300
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    Still available if anyone is interested

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