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    Handmade trad gear display.

    I recently wanted to do an inventory check and round up all the items I've made to do a nice display, an idea was hatched that the easiest way to do this was to build a fake wall/panel set up.
    It's got some size to it and I had the intention of adding alot more to it but I maxed out really quickly with a fraction of what I wanted I wanted on there.
    Photos came up not the best and don't do it justice as it has that wow factor as soon as you walk in the door.
    So from the top I have several of my own display/gift boxes from when I was operating the LeatherStone business, a selection of fur and leather bow quivers, there's 5 longbows and one lemonwood recurve, knives, sheaths, a variety of pouches and small bags, finger tabs, gloves, obsidian knives a variety of quivers made from springbok, fox, a red deer I shot, the pick of these is the plains style quiver on the left, it has multiple straps to take bags, pouches, canvas roll, it can have arrows attached to the outside with blunts etc and there's a handful of broad head sheaths inside these quivers as well. Handmade predator calls both wood and antler and there's probably more items I've missed, as I have another 2 boxes and 4 camo packs of gear that I need to sort through, there's still more knives hidden from view which are built into quivers and pouches.
    What I couldnt fit on here was another Ash self bow and 2 laminated bows I've made, antlers from the first few deer I shot, tusks, another 7 knives and around 100 photos including around 50 hunting pics and another 50 of the massive array of gear that I've sold both local in Aus and NZ, not to mention gear that's been sent all over the world. It is very humbling to start getting everything together like this, even I wasn't aware of the enormous amount of gear I've made, hides I've turned into leather and everything made from scratch. Sad thing is a big percentage of all this is brand new and never been used.
    Cheers for looking.
    Regards Rhino1.
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    Yep...really like this mate....crazy good
    Ron Pittsley Predator Phoenix R/D Longbow 63#....."Custom Crafted"

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