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    Help with selfbow making

    Hi guys, I just found some fairly straight mangrove staves I'm hoping to build a longbow from. Both are quite small diameter, but one in particular turns "egg shaped" halfway along giving the radius of something like a one inch diameter stave. Does anyone know if it should be de-crowned somewhat or could be left high crowned?
    This would be my first "adult strength" bow making attempt.
    Any advice/tips greatly appreciated.
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    Hey mate, not sure if you will get much help here.
    Some primitive islander bows were made from red mangrove root, white mangrove tends to take set fairly intensely, which means the more you draw it back, the more D shaped it becomes and as this occurs you will lose poundage.
    Personally I would look for another timber, but if you have your heart set on it then make it as wide as is practical, I don't think you will end up with an adult draw weight, even if that's what you start with during the tillering process.
    Good luck and join the Oz bow forum, lots of bowyers on there.
    Regards Rhino
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    Thanks for the reply mate.
    Although not 100% sure, I believe it is one of the red mangrove species. From the very little info I've found, I believe it could be suitable as a bow wood (although have no idea about how quickly or how much set it is likely to get).
    I will give it a crack either way as I usually don't have the option of harvesting staves of any wood. So far I've just debarked it and plan to rough it out soon before letting it dry.

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