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    Hunting Grampians state forest

    Just wondering if anyone has hunted the Grampians state forest or around the rock lands reservoir,? Also never hunted state forests before can you amp anywhere or only designated sites
    Cheers Bodie

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    Hey Bodie, have a look on the GMA website, gives you a fair run down on most things along with maps. Make sure you have your Game Licence for deer stalking and all that business. Havent hunted there myself but seen some good Red Stags from the area.
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    Hey Bodie, I've spent a fair amount of time in the Grampians, and have done a small amount of hunting there and am very familiar with the area. Although I don't have much knowledge on the rocklands area I can probably help with some other state forests and a fair amount of local info. PM me if you want to have a chat or have more specific questions.

    Cheers Matt
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    So Bodie....how did the gramians go?...im 4.5hrs from the gramps...im keen to check it out too...
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