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    String sale on BCY-X (limited colours)

    I'm letting my valued customers know that BCY has stopped making BCY-X material, (buggered if i know why!) anyway wish they would have told their customers (well i guess they told there big buyers, as they brought all the remaining stock, I'm just too little to worry about), so before i could restock at least a heaps of black they sold the every last roll of BCY-X, so Black, Fluro Green, Red, white colours will run out first i bet, but will be doing cheap full sets for the unpopular colours of BCY-X in Gold, Light Pink, Black Cherry, Yellow, Fluro Yellow, Buckskin for $85 + post, once BCY-X is gone, its gone.

    I am the process of testing a new material from a new fiber company with vectran in it, a blended material like BCY-X is (the vectran gives the high stability and lowest creep/string stretch property in the material, as BCY's replacement for BCY-X is X-99, over the last 8 months I have fully tested X-99 and it has failed all my durability testing and we wont be stocking it. I will still have the next most popular string material Brownell Fury.

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    Good deal Pete, if anyone is looking for a top set of strings they won't get them for that price anywhere else.
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    I`m so happy with the last set I got from you I`m temped to jump on this deal
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    Great price mate ill be ordering one your strings have never failed me very well built cheers Roy
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