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    Hoyt Gamemaster2.

    60# pound, right handed, comes with Hoyt 2 piece bow quiver. New AAE elevated spring rest, brush buttons, Flemish string and spare endless loop string (spare is set, good to go).
    Everything is tuned and ready to shoot, ultra fast, quiet, accurate and is set up to shoot both vanes and feather fletched arrow shafts.
    Only selling as it doesn't suit my shooting style.
    Advertised elsewhere, May trade, $450 posted anywhere in Aus.
    Pick up $420 Austinville, Gold Coast.
    Sms only 04five7 221 032
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    You cheeky bugger
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    Hoyt Gamemaster2.

    I'll go $300+ postage

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    Withdrawn from sale.
    For all those who think I just added $100 on cos I'm a greedy ****, I paid 60 for an AAE rest, 40 for a f.f string, 18 for brush deflectors (118)and had to drive all over Brisbane to pick it all up before I could even shoot the ****, it was then walk back tuned and paper tuned by someone whos been doing it for well over 25 years.
    As far as I'm concerned the piece of **** Hoyt can rot on my fkn bowrack and **** this broken ass forum as well.

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