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    Currently shoot 78lb with 250 spine arrows. If I go back to 70lb will these arrows still be ok for me. Cheers Darren
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    Insufficient info.
    Short answer is yes, but you may need to change a few things depending on what you are shooting.

    Center shot/Compound? Recurved/longbow off the shelf?
    Draw/arrow length?
    Bow speed?
    Arrow point + insert weight?
    Fletches + wrap + nock weight?

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    Elite energy 35 30.5 inch draw 125gn head 45gn insert 4inch vanes
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    Well your shooting a compound so if tuned correctly it's largely irrelevant. 250s should still shoot bullet holes.
    If you wanted to match it to a chart 300 spine would be recommended.. Or you could just bump to 175grn heads and run the 250s.

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    Thanks heaps for that might try them out as is and see how they go and then try with 175 up front
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    They will shoot great Darren, as stated it is the bow's tune that is the important factor, not so much the spine.

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