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    Fallow trail cam pics.

    This is the first year that I'm concentrating on fallow deer and going from reds and rusa is a bit of a learning curve, new deer species, new block to hunt.
    I put out some cameras last week on what I thought is the beginnings of a rut pad, but turns out so far to be more of a bedding area and still yet to see any antler. I guess time will tell but definitely nailed the camera placement, never had a deer lay down in front of a trail camera before.
    Ffs, Having issues uploading the photos, not sure what's coming through. DSCF0145.jpg
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    Beautiful skin on the one sitting down, looks like great position for the camera placement
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    Yep seems like it, this cam pulled almost 400 pics in 5 days of at least 18 different deer.
    There's some spooky looking ones of a chitload of full grown hinds walking through single file one after another at about 11pm it looks like the same pic over and over again with 15 minutes between the first and last.
    There were deer here 2 hours after I set it and 2 hours before I swapped sd cards, wierd stuff as it was almost to the minute both times.
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    Hay mate heres a few pic I got last year, had the cam out the whole rutt period but unfortunately 6 days after setting the cam 1 of the 6 stray cows decided to rub the tree/camera turning it away from the scrape.
    I had 6 different bucks visit that site over the 6 days + spikes, button heads & does. the one buck in the pic laying down stayed at the scrape for over 8 minutes doing his thing.

    actually the year before I had a buck come charging into my croak on this very scrape, I picked up my bow for a shot but had a forked stick wedged on the top cam. I shook it of lifted my bow drew back but couldn't see the buck.
    my heart was racing I was charged up frantically scanning, not noticing the deer until he moved his head about 15 yards away.
    I swung my bow was racing my pin up up his leg, I got to about his knee and he bolted. stopping at about 75 yrs for another look back

    Now when I sit off a trail or a scrape I use one of those kick stands or lean the bow against a tree.

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