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    Binoculars harness

    What Bino harness are people useing
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    Solo hunter great harness slim line with rangefinder pouch.
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    I've been using the S4 lockdown for a while. I keep looking at FHF gear as well and also looking at the Alaska hunting creations? Forgotten the name but it's close. Main reason my head is being turned is I'm thinking integrated pocket for a rangey because the one I have on my belt pisses me off sometimes.
    Cheers Bruce
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    I've been running the S4 lockdown for about 4yrs now and it does the job.... well enough. It doesnt provide the protection I would like to have for an expensive set of binos and no pockets etc but as a basic system it works. The bungee strings in my harness let go ages ago. I dont use a rangefinder, so I havent really bothered looking at upgrading.
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    I have used a s4 lockdown x harness for a few years and really liked it until more recently i switched to a marsupial harness which I'm very happy with, fantastic service and speedy post straight from the manufacturer from the states
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    Kuiu and very happy with it. Fits my 10x42 binos perfectly and it's my favourite bit of hunting kit..
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    AGC here. Happy as Larry with it. Haven’t tried anything else, but also haven’t had a reason t try anything else.
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    I've tried a few - Alaska Guide Creations - very well made - but just a little too bulky. S4 nice and very comfortable - but doesn't protect the sides and I've had dust come in. So for me its the KUIU - fits snug to the body, very comfortable, well made, and fits my Vortex Vipers 10x42 perfectly...
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