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    EXO mountain and Kuiu packs for sale

    Looking at parting with my EXO mountain packs and Kuiu Icon pro pack

    EXO mountain packs SOLD PF- these things are awesome, I have the k3500 and k2000 daypack.
    both packs are in multicam and they are both in excellent condition.
    The k3500 has the K2 frame and the k2000 has the original frame. both packs are fitted with a small waist belt as I am a size 32 waist. I do have a medium waist belt that I can throw in one of the packs- first in first served.
    these packs live up to the hype, I have owned a lot of packs in my time and these are as good as any I've ever used, really comfortable with the normal load and handle a heavy load (meat haul) excellently.

    this is a regretful sale for me- as much as I love them I wanted something in plainer colours so that they draw less attention when I'm travelling or just doing normal hikes.

    prices for the EXO pack are:
    k2000- $500 + $30 post SOLD PF
    k3500- $600 + $30 post SOLD PF

    I also have a kuiu Icon pro 5200 in VIAS cam.
    this pack has a medium frame and is in excellent condition. In my opinion the Kuiu packs are very nearly as good as the EXO packs, the main difference is that the Kuiu packs have more pockets and in-built organization features where the EXO packs are a bit more minimalist. the KUIU packs stilly carry a heavy load really well but I'd have to give a slight edge to the EXO when you go over 40kg (everything sucks at that weight though)

    Price for the KUIU Icon por- $300 + $30 post

    links to the websites-

    20190423_121337.jpg 20190423_121357.jpg20190423_124905.jpg20190423_124914.jpg20190423_124921.jpg
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    I’ll take the k3500 if it’s still for sale mate
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    PM sent -re Kuiu Icon.
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    Keen on the Kuiu pack if still available pm sent
    Cheers Bruce

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