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    Milani- 3 years later.

    Just spent a weekend at the Milani bowhunting property almost 3 years to the day we had the ABF group hunt there.
    Ended up being four of us go, all of us had attended the previous group hunt.
    Even though the property was in severe drought and not much livestock left, reasonable amounts of game were seen most days, although everything was fairly sketchy this time around with game not venturing too far from cover, goats were few and far between this time around with Captain Redbeard managing to score a good Billy on the last morning.
    Attachment 27921
    Rabbits were in abundance but very tough going and flighty as they would go to ground as soon as we were 100 metres off the warrens. I managed to connect with several bunnies with some managing to kick back down the burrows or swallowed up by the blackberry, it was a novelty for me as I haven't seen a rabbit in at least two years and there is no small game opportunities where I am. I managed to score this one a few hours after we arrived after a short stalk busted this fella at 38 metres.
    Attachment 27922 Only a bunny but still, I was pumped.
    Parkerperson was very consistent in getting into longbow range on several species but just wasn't meant to be, he is an excellent hunter taking a fallow buck here in 2016, that's the thing with bowhunting though, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
    Kiwi Ken nailed a trophy boar on Saturday arvo which is by far the best pig I've seen come off that property, a big congratulations was in order and Ken was stoked.
    Attachment 27926
    Yeah, don't ask about the photo, he just always looks like that.
    Last morning it had dropped down to 3 degrees with a good coating of ice on everything, even the rabbits looked a bit cold.
    I managed to arrow a small pig but lost it in the rocky scrub country and the highlight of the trip for me was managing to get within 12 metres of 2 fallow in the thick tea tree, it was frustrating as I could clearly see the legs and ass of one but there was no clear shot available, I still managed to draw and let down twice before they legged it.
    It was a cracker of a trip and I had a ball, somehow by accident I had managed to score the same dates as the group hunt in 2016.
    The lads at the cottage.
    Attachment 27929
    Cheers for looking- Rhino.
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    Few more pics.
    Redbeard's billy
    This is knife I made for Luke a few few years back, I love seeing my gear being used.
    Kiwi Ken's boar
    Chasing bunnies
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    Sounds like a good trip...good work fellas
    hunting the new england
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    Sounds like a blast, thanks for sharing
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    Awesome bro! Would have loved to have been there with you guys, but knew nothing of it....BLOODY FORUM!

    Nice hog by Kiwi Ken Bro...saw the photos on Insta from Redbeard. Can't view most of the photos on this story....

    Cheers my mate.
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    It was good to get away.
    Im calling it quits with the old Howard Hill longbow, I hoped to get something on the ground with it, 74# is too much of a beast when im not shooting daily.
    Truely was plenty about the days we were there.
    Wal and Lynne were as hospitable as ever.
    It was dry, but we were fortunate that it wasnt freezing, it was cool and last morning was a bit of a frist.
    I will give a go at adding some pics using my phone.
    Rhino, the attachements in your original post dont show.
    Set up a game camera on a roo, ignore the time and date.
    Pic or Rhino.
    Pic of how little grass is about in places.
    Pic of Kens pig filling the ute tray.

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    Milani- 3 years later.

    Nice to see this website still carrying on. Cheers rhino.

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    Well done boys, great stuff on the critters.


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