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    One last rant, "better put the kettle on" ahaha

    So here we are still limping along, like a goat that's copped an arrow in the hind leg weve had good days and bad days, being shot in the back leg the goat now has gangrene, is loaded with lice the size of a 5 cent piece, covered in ticks but still manages to gain enough strength to limp through another day. The whole time the greens and antis have been laughing it up. Hmm, so I know this guy and he knows the password but won't give it??? Wtf is going on with that? What a fkn embarrassment, it's like ringing up your boss and saying "nah, nah, nah mate, I'm not going to work today cos the missus can't find me other sock". Pass the buck much fella's?
    This is my connection to the Bowhunting world cos I still refuse to be a part of toxic mainstream social media with the endless self promotion and self gratification of seeing the same blokes re post the same stories week in week out for the little fanboys to get "likes" like little teenage girls, it turns my stomach. It's like walking into the Gents at the local and seeing your mates all giggling, grabbing at each other's meat UGH.
    I'm going to start my own friggin club and none of use ****s are invited, yep and **** use for letting this die, I gave prizes I couldn't afford for months and months and barely made a sale and done it all with a pleasant demeanor and smiled and waved the whole fkn time.
    Had too many bourbons Rhino??? Copy that, Maybe I have lads, maybe I have........
    Rant over, but will be back tomorrow for round 2.
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    One last rant, "better put the kettle on" ahaha

    Where's the club gonna be?
    I've been stirring the pot over at ahn while the rest of you sort your issues with this forum.

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    'Never been on friendface or instafame since before it was cool to not be on friendface or instafame'. Lol

    With this forum the way it is I don't come here often. Shame as it was a good community.
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    One last rant, "better put the kettle on" ahaha

    Haven't been on here much for ages just because it's too f--ing hard.
    Rhino mate I still wear your mossyoak hoody with pride mate. Thanks again for your generosity. Pity the forum has turned to ****e!

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    I'm still here just! Pretty much lost the passion as my boy has shown no interest in bows (may change one day) so we are both exploring other interests.
    Stick, String and Sharp Things what could possibly go wrong?

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    I'm back now that I can post to the forum.
    Had a few hiccups in life since the forum hunt last year but starting to get back on track again.
    The forum has been a fantastic resource for me and I hope I've been able to make someone else's life better even in a small way with my contributions.
    I'll keep coming back.
    No matter what hobby or forum or process we get involved in, sooner or later it will have highlights and low lights. When it gets tough, it's not about point scoring, it's about riding the wave til it gets good again

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