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Thread: Garmin Inreach

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    Garmin Inreach

    Hi Folks, anyone used a Garmin Inreach? Can you do a casual subscription to sat usage? Any other thoughts or considerations worth sharing?
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    Garmin Inreach

    I had a similar unit when my daughter did Europe- the minimal sub was for 12mths - suspect Garmin would be similar?

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    Mate and I used his Delorme inreach (garmin bought out Delorme) in NZ last year. Weather reports were detailed and accurate. No trouble with getting or send messages.
    I want to get a mini but have reservations since I don't want to pair it with a phone or anything which apparently makes texting more difficult and slow because of the laborious way the text writing works without being paired with a smartphone.
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    Garmin Inreach

    Pretty sure you can do monthly subscriptions for inreach. They look great & will be investing in one before my next NZ trip.

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