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    Arrow Gun Billy and R.I.P ABF

    First off I want to echo the sentiment that is going around this place at the moment, its such a shame that a resource like this has been left to just rot simply by the inaction of a few.
    Like a few others on here i have never and will never use crackbook or any of that crap so to some it is a big loss.
    I cant imagine how sponsors and supporters feel now that their investment of time and/or money is basically worthless.

    To me personally it was a great source of inspiration and information when i was getting started a few years ago.
    I have probably been quiet for too long and not shared/contributed as much as i could have in the past, but it seems through mismanagement after some petty BS on here we lost a few big contributors, which started the downhill slide and the lack of management of the virus/security breach or whatever it is looks like it could be the final nail in the coffin.

    An update or any information what so ever from our "administrator" wouldn't go astray!?

    Rant over, sorry about that, time for a hunt.

    I say arrow gun in jest, I have been shooting a recurve the last few years with some success but I still enjoy playing with the mechanics and speed of a compound. I've been woking on a Z5 cam swap for my Carbon Matrix so after getting that finished and all tuned up with my new broad heads it was time to take it out for a hunt.

    After trying in vain all week to get a hold of the landowner, I get a message early Saturday morning that Im all sweet. Bit of a shame as a couple mates from Sydney stayed home because I didn't know if we'd get permission in time.
    I packed up my gear and headed out.

    As i closed the front gate on my mates block I spotted some white on a rise a couple hundred meters ahead of me.
    I was having a good look in the binos when a big black billy stepped out, easily the best id seen on this place and a bit of a unique shape to boot.
    I got all my gear out and ready to go but after a good look i had no real cover to get at them without the wind giving me away so I decided to leave them be, I might get a chance later on.

    So i drove down to the cabin where i found another mob hanging around, they moved off a bit as i pulled up, not too far. There was a few decent billies in with them so i gave them a bit of time to settle and went off after them.

    I got down to their level which in this place is easier said than done, as i was closing the gap high up to my left i hear a snort/sneeze/bark or however you describe the sound of a goats danger call. Busted!
    Promptly they scatter, most go over the edge down into a seriously steep gorge, Ive climbed out of that ravine once before and there was no way i was going to climb down it especially on my own.

    Thinking id try going down the ridge on the back side of the property, I was puffing my way back up the hill when i see another mob milling around up near the cabin in nearly the same spot as the last mob.
    I get up there and take a moment to catch my breath, snuck around to get above them and Im standing behind a water tank having a look when the big black bugger shows up!

    I wait for a while trying to come up with a plan when they slowly start to move off basically the same direction as the last mob so i hedged my bets thinking they might use the same path as the last lot. I quickly backed out and got down the next gully and in to a point 20m from the game trail, ranged my shooting lanes and waited.

    It was only a few minutes later i hear them coming on the other side of the ridge, then one pokes its head out, I ducked down behind some rocks and they all file in the last being big Blackie. He comes into my shooting lane at 20m broadside
    then goes a little further getting in behind a log. I drew and stood to give me a clear shot, a few of the goats spooked as i did he turned giving me a steep quartering away shot at 30m so i took it.

    It looked good and sailed clean through, the rest of the goats shot off but he pulled up straight away making about 20m and going down.
    I was pumped and the new broadie worked a treat, did some serious damage and was in perfect shape after recovering it. I couldn't find the exit at first untill i picked his head up and a handfull of something (lung i think) fell out of the big hole at the base of his neck :)


    Cheers Gents, hope to see this place recover one day.
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    Interesting shape in that Billy mate. Nice to see a story again :-) Cheers
    If you don't do it, you won't do it, and if at first you don't succeed, it's more than likely because you're crap at it.
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    Thanks for posting, I smiled when I read arrow gun, i have a trad shooter buddy who calls mine the "wheel gun". Nice billy, they are a fun critter to hunt.
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    Cool curl.
    Live Forever Or Die Trying.
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    Thanks for reading fellas,
    I had never seen one with a shape like that, thought a few stories might be just what this place needs.
    I got a few critters with my recurve recently when i get a minute I'll write up one of those.
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    Great read, congrats on the goat. Isn't it nice when an ambush plan works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Great read, congrats on the goat. Isn't it nice when an ambush plan works.
    Thanks mate, nothin quite like it!
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    Matt, thanks for sharing your story!...But...…...How cool are the high rise horns on that Billy! Awesome work mate...
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Quote Originally Posted by assassin View Post
    Matt, thanks for sharing your story!...But...…...How cool are the high rise horns on that Billy! Awesome work mate...
    Cheers mate.
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    Arrow Gun Billy and R.I.P ABF

    Good read. Thanks for sharing your hunt story.

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