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Thread: PB Fallow

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    Hi Sam
    No and no,
    Got him at another good spot with the huntsman,
    Every time I take out a longbow a bloody stuff it up31E35290-D444-4158-984B-88B9F20A3B95.jpg
    The huntsman however ��
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    I didn't think you'd be one to give up ;)
    Good to see you are still out there flinging sticks and kicking goals
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    What a beauty, well done mate
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    PB Fallow

    That's a top Buck Dave!
    Better take the longbow out now come the next rut 😉

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    Thanks for the comments lads

    The longbow will be getting a run next rut

    Only managed a doe with it so far

    Cheers Dave
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    You'll need to come for a Sambar hunt at some point
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    Yeh I still haven’t had a crack at them yet
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    That's a fine looking animal. Well done on what must have been a decent stalk and shot.

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