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    Trad gear clear out

    Ok so im wrapping things up so here is a list of bits n pieces I want to move out with prices all brand new gear

    Camo back quivers x 11
    3 point harness, 26in deep generous front pocket with a zipper, made from weather proof cardura. $40 each.

    Camo cardura longbow bags 78in long x 3 $20 each

    Heaps of LH hip quiver s from $20

    Junior back quivers black x 4 $20

    100s of 11/32 (approx 400) and 5/16 (400 ish) nocks assorted colours $$$offers

    30 odd RH sage risers. Cartell hawk limbs fit perfectly $40 each

    Sage riser with cartell limbs $140
    1 x 35lb
    2 x 45lb
    1 x 50lb

    alloy riser shorter bow $100
    Black 40lb x 2
    Camo 50lb x 1

    Samick Sage Long bow 1 x 40lb 1 x 35lb
    Samick Verna 35lb $250

    Fletching table with 36 jigs $offers

    This is it for now I'm sure I will add more at a later date as I tidy up I will be selling more of my personal LH bows so if you are after 1 let me know

    Please text me on 0409780477
  2. Daktari's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Sanctuary Point Nsw
    Stu I will take a camo back quiver 26" deep please mate, drop me bank details, cheers Keith.
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    No worries mate
    I will text you
  4. Ian Turner's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Kings Park NSW
    Hi STU sent you a pm with my no on as reliabilty of being able to post and send message here is iffy; bloddy same as its is an excellent forum. cheers
  5. Aaron's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Stanthorpe, Qld
    Hey Stu. I'm still shooting your carbon shafts, the timber-look ones, they shoot great from my Warfbow. You don't have any more in 600 spine do ya?

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