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Thread: Garry Fuller

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    Garry Fuller

    I'd firstly like to apologise to Garry for the stuff around today..Garry drove over to check out 2 x Xpedition Perfexion's I have for sale(One camo and the other is black).
    Garry was happy to take the black (target bow) and left for home...
    Garry had a closer inspection of the bow shortly after and noticed a crack in the bottom limb which was in behind the limb saver.
    So Garry contacted me and turned around and we met back up and I refunded Garry.

    I feel bad about wasting his day but I'm also glad he found it.

    Garry is a great forum member and was very good about the situation.

    Thanks Garry.

    Adam McCulloch
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    Thank you again you are a gentleman
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    good to see some honesty and blokes doing the right thing for a change
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    Sounds like a totally honest situation and a proper response from both involved. It's really great to hear, but truly, this is what we should all be able to expect from each other
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    I've attached a photo of the cracked limb...
    I've also since contacted Adam West at Tenzone Archery and he said the warranty claim shouldn't be an issue..
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    Awesome to see guys!
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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