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    Better Get ComfyFirst Fallow Buck With the Recurve

    Better get comfy, this is a long one, but it has been a long term goal of mine so I’ve been looking forward to this for a good while.
    I’ve been hunting the last 5-6 years and I hadn't taken any deer before this year, even with my compound, and not for lack of trying so I’m still pretty chuffed with myself to be honest.

    The last two years I haven't really been able to put in the time during the fallow rut due to doing a couple of long distance hikes with my old man over in the UK.
    Unfortunately the ideal time for hiking over there is in their Spring/our Autumn so it has cut in on my Fallow hunting for the last few years, so when this year came around I was pumped.

    I was going to get a good crack at it this year and I was determined to get my first deer with the recurve.
    Some serious practice later I had cut a hole through the KZ on my nice new 3D target just in time for April.

    The Friday of the first weekend I packed my gear after work and headed up to my mates property. I got up there just after dark and opening the gate I could hear the first few croaks starting up for the night.
    The others weren't getting there till the next morning so I just set up my tent then sat in the dark for a few hours, had a beer or two and listened to the chorus of bucks all around me!

    They were a bit late getting up there the next morning, It would have been 7:30ish before me and my mate went out for a bit of a stroll.
    It was still warm, summer hadn't quite given up on us yet and the days were still getting up near the 30C mark so the bucks were still shutting down and getting back into cover pretty early.
    We walked past the lower dam and heard some croaks up one of the feeder gullies so we went up to investigate. As we got around the first bend in the creek a buck piped up, he sounded like it was right on top of us.
    A few does busted out about 100m behind us with a good buck in tow. They crossed the gully at full steam and I lost sight of them, I figured we'd been done.
    We sat down for a minute to see if he would make any more noise, but after a snack curiosity got the best of us and we went for a look.

    We were on the low side of the gully, couldn't see a thing so my mate let out a few croaks. Straight away a buck responded, he was on the other side of the creek and he was close!
    I slowly made my way down to the creek to try get eyes on him.
    I caught the silhouette his back line bedded behind some deadfall probably 100m up the hill.
    I got in and set up behind a big gum tree next to the creek and signaled my mate to have a rattle see if he'd come in.
    One rattle he was on his feet looking straight at us, the second rattle and he was literally charging in.
    It was then I realised I was going to be on the wrong side of the bloody tree, the creek had a high bank on my side and as his head dropped below the bank I went to reposition but I was too slow he caught me, spun on a dime and was out of there.
    He propped up and turned around for a look at about 35m, he was a cracker and I just couldn't help myself. Foolishly I let an arrow loose.
    Luckily for me it was a clean miss. Straight over (good line but!) and I got just what I deserved, a rock and a broken arrow.
    By this time it was hot and bacon and eggs were calling so we headed back to camp.

    The next morning we were out early to get in a good spot just as the sun was rising. The bucks were talking and the clearing was full of does. The dominant buck was running around like a headless chook, chasing off spikers left right and centre.
    I got in behind a bit of cover and had my mate let off a few rattles, see if a spiker would come in.
    Venison is always the first goal and if I could get my first fallow with a recurve I couldn’t care less if it had antlers or not.
    It took a bit of time but one turned and started to mosey on over.
    I got my draw in just as he came around the cover about 10m in front of me and I loosed it.
    He was slightly quartering on, it punched through the front shoulder and was just hanging in by the feathers. He turned and bolted and I watched him go down in less than 100m.
    What a thrill and a relief but the work had only just begun, my mate went to have a crack at the dominant buck while I set about breaking down the spiker and getting the meat back to the esky before the day got too warm.

    The next weekend we were up there again, we had another run in with the big buck from the first morning. He walked up on us while we were having a musli bar! Had a good look at us then buggered off.
    A whole bunch of stalks and near misses later we were sitting in a clearing on a bench in the hillside after a busted stalk, when some big boy croaks lit up the gully from next ridge across. My mate caught a glimpse of a massive buck so that arvo we went up for a look.

    We snuck in and I got eyes on him and he really was huge, but the does he had with him were on edge so we backed out to wait for a better chance.
    We decided it was better if just one of us went up after him, less movement etc. Because my mate was shooting his compound realistically he was going to get a shot before me, so I told him go for it and I’d have another go at the dominant buck from last week.

    He had a hike to get up there so was off well before sun up, I had a little more sleep waiting for sunrise. I set out just before shooting light and headed up toward the same clearing I shot my spiker on.
    I could hear the big fella a few hundred meters up the hill Croaking like crazy.
    As I was getting close an few spikers busted out behind me and took off flat out like they had just copped a toweling.
    When I got up to where I could see the big boy at the top of the clearing, I heard some very low grumbling/croaking which sounded close.
    There was a bit of low ground in front of me I couldn’t see into so i moved around to the next gully to get a better look.
    As I Popped my head up I saw him, only about 70m away, head up strutting around and I thought its on, he's cruising for does!
    He was nice and even with good length and nice shape, to me he was definitely a shooter.

    I dropped back down into the gully a bit and got in behind some shrubs for cover and had a rattle.
    To get into some cover I had to take eyes off him so after about 10 minutes and a few rattles I got a bit impatient and moved out in front of my cover trying to get a look at him.
    Then I saw the tops of his antlers rocking over the rise ahead of me and I thought F*** I've blown it again he’s going to pick me for sure.
    He stood broadside on top of the rise about 40m from me and stared straight through me, looking into the dark gully behind me.
    I knew he was out of range so I just stayed as still as possible, the stare off began.
    He started to move, walking the top of the rise and I thought he was just going to waltz on by, no shot offered, when his curiosity got the best of him.
    He turned and started down into the gully getting closer and closer.
    I honestly couldn't tell you the distance he was at when I drew, about 20m, he caught a bit of movement and propped up broadside but still couldn’t make me out.
    I settled and loosed it.
    I had seen that sight picture enough times, I knew straight away the shot was spot on.
    I caught sight of the feathers just as he started to drop and turn!
    Fortunately he dropped his spine right into the path of my broadhead, it raked his near side lung and severed his spine, his back legs failed dropping him almost instantly, he didn’t make it 10m and was out in a few minutes.

    I was shaking, I still do just recounting the story, I couldn’t believe it.
    I set him up for some photos and went to work breaking him down.
    Cheers for reading ladies and gents i hope you enjoyed it because i certainly did.
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    HaHa I pressed the wrong button and posted before I meant to so heres the photos
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    Better Get ComfyFirst Fallow Buck With the Recurve

    Holy smokes, a cracker mate!!!
    Great read too, he looks great on the wall. Well done. Is it April yet?? Can't wait already.

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    Congrats he’s a ripper,go thr trad gear!��
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    Nice one Matt, I missed the rut this year due to family and work. Looks like you had a cracker. Cheers
    If you don't do it, you won't do it, and if at first you don't succeed, it's more than likely because you're crap at it.
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    Cheers fellas,
    Yeah im wrapped with him, a full freezer and head on the wall, it was a good few weeks.

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