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    The search for waterproof boots

    A mate of mine swears by heating bees wax and putting it on with a brush. Gave it a go today. Didn't get a chance to hit it with the hair dryer to wipe off the excess.
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    I've always looked after my leather boots with nik wax to condition the leather.. I've got over 5 years out of the same boots without losing the natural water proofing of the leather.. I've since replaced those boots to to the sole being nearly gone on them.
    I think majority of people are putting the leather treatment onto bone dry leather.. I can't remember where I'd read it but I read somewhere that the boots need to be slightly damp to open up the pores of the leather so the conditioning gets into where it works best.
    That's my 2 cents anyway.
    I'd be interested to know how the beeswax goes
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    The dearch for waterproof boots

    Not sure if itís the same with boots, but when we do our saddles we put them out in the sun to warm up then use leather conditioner reasonably thick then leave it out in the sun to soak in,

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    Sno Seal on my boots. It's derived from bees wax I believe.

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