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    Take down hunting recurve

    Looking for my next T/D recurve.
    looking to spend $1200 AUD
    Not super keen ongoing custom.

    The main contenders are:
    The bear takedown
    Striker classic TDR - not sure about availability in Australia.
    Predator takedowns

    Wondering what opinions you guys have on these?
    particularly on the comparison between the bear and the predator, atm I feel the bear is the safer option because I can go shoot it first to try it out.
    Or if you have any other suggestions.

    Cheers fellas. :)
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    A black widow psa? Not sure if this would tip be over the budget but you'd find them available as stock. Great bows.

    Shot recurves from great plains (swift I think) and it was a cracker. They also have stock bows.

    I know people who shoot predators and bears and i dont think you'd be dissapointed with either.
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    A guy at my club has recently had to send back first the riser with a fault and then the limbs on his Bear TD. A long time between shots to wait for 2 lots of mail, to be fair Bear were very good about it. Not sure about the limbs but the riser was a workmanship issue.
    Can recommend a Stalker Stickbow my coyote is awesome. Feels nice in hand, shoots an arrow hard, made to shoot off the shelf, doesn't stack is nice and smoothe to draw.
    Cheers Bruce
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    Have a look at and take your pick. All in US dollars but they can and will ship here. Definitely look at the customs second hand as they can be had for a good price. If you think it's hard trying to test out trad gear, try being a lefty trying to test em... just have to commit and hope you get a good one. I've owned a black widow PMAIII and currently still own a Schafer Silvertip and a Big Jim Thunderchild.. all 3 shoot better than I can.
    Schafer Silvertip Recurve 65#
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    Predator TD for sale in classifides

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