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    Find a quiet place

    As promised.

    I have finished my dad and daughter trip catching up with a couple forum members in Dean-Yowie and Assassin, good luck on your trip to the Cape York lads as well as the other peeps on the forum trip, you'll all have a ball. I'll be heading up my self with Matty Moore at KAYUGA ADVRENTURES end of August, can't wait.

    I have spent a few hours this morning tweeking a few pictures and uploaded and copying and posted my hunt in Africa last year into the BOWHUNT STORIES section of this forum, not to mention writing the story and previous uploading and pictures, took some time doing first on my PC and little a little trouble posting with our ongoing issues here but its done.

    I look forward to reading some of your hunting endeavors in the future.

    So as the title says find a quiet place, keep the kettle on and grab a box of cookies you'll need them read, relax and enjoy my hunt WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE.

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    Find a quiet place

    Sweet mate, looking forward to it.

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    Find a quiet place

    Was great to see you mate!

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