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Thread: Tuning problem

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    Tuning problem

    Hi Iím shooting rx1 turbo and canít get my broad to group the bow shoot bulllet holes threw paper shooting 2 and 4 blades my groups with Broadheads is terrible any help would be appreciated thanks
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    have you spin tested the arrows to insure the B/Hs are in centre. makes a huge difference, Scottys method works great for me

    the turbos are a fast bow, its very difficult to get fixed blades to fly true with speeds over 300fps, so if your shooting a light arrow that could be the problem

    hope this helps
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    We have spun all the arrows and they spin true
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    Could be a few things, arrow spine, bow tune etc.
    If you can post up some specs like draw weight, draw length, arrow spine, arrow length and point weight I might be able to help.
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    Bow is rx1 turbo arrows are axis 300 length is 30 inch long Broadheads are oz cuts 150 2 and 4 blades bow is 68 pounds bottom cam is hitting first it makes no different if I wind it down to 60 just can’t get my Broadheads to group bow shoot bullet holes through paper but shooting from 20 meters the bare shaft hits about a foot and half to the right from my fletch shaft and Broadheads group are **** at 20 meters
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    Righto, is your bows Draw Length set at 30" as well?
    What is your centre shot measurement?
    I personally haven't tuned any of the new hoyts but for a bare shaft to be off a foot and a half @ 20m something is way out, do you have access to a bow press?
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    Can get access to a press on the weekend
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    Draw length is 29’5 arrow runs through center of the grip
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    First i would try to get your stops hitting at the same time, how far ahead is your bottom stop?

    You might also need to move your arrow rest slightly, but this can be a bit tricky to pick which direction, so;
    Bare Shaft hitting to the right of Fletched Arrow with Field Points means your bow is shooting nock left and you should move your rest to the right.
    If Broad Heads are hitting to the right of Fletched arrows with Field Points you need to move your rest left.

    Only ever move your rest a tiny bit at a time like 1mm or less. Take photos before you start so you can reset if all else fails.
    If you try moving it right and it gets worse, try the other way it could be anyone of a few things causing the problem.
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    I would also get that timing corrected and move the rest. If you flip the rest up you see by eye balling it if it is shooting straight. If it was me I might also just see how 125 or 100 grain field tips group on the same shaft. You have a very fast bow and a pretty long arrow. Only change one thing at a time.
    Cheers Bruce
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