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Thread: Bow press

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    Bow press

    How has built there own bow press for pass parallel limbs bow eg hoyt any one have photos or plans
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    p/m me your email and i`ll send you some plans for a press that will work, very similar to the easy press
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    I'm getting quotes on the bow press fingers to be cut here locally in town if you're chasing them?
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    Are they like a ultra lock design
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    No they're just like the EZ bow press fingers
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    I brought a set like them off a bloke on here a bout 15 months ago thanks anyway frog
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    Dean-yowie thanks you for the plans time to start building thanks a gain frog
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    Any chance I could get a copy of the plan too?
    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Bigrang did you get a copy

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