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    Custom pig de-jaw-er.

    I can't remember the last time I used recycled steel to make a tool, I learnt in the early years that it's too hit and miss to make a decent reliable implement.
    Anyways, this rusty old farriers rasp was dropped off 2 days ago, it belonged to the customers grandad or auntie or some bloody thing, I wasn't paying much attention to the story.
    Real happy with the results I gave it a hiding on a hardwood beam this morning and it just ate it and still wants to shave hair, pumps through bone and meat like butter.
    File was annealed, drawn out with forge and hammer, curved around then forge welded back onto itself like a boss then hardened a d tempered. Don't know why I went with the owl but glad I did, the whole thing has a quaint, homely feel to it, it's an absolute pleasure to use.
    Cheers for looking
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    Better view of the blade profile and the other half of the rasp.
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    Custom pig de-jaw-er.

    Mate, that looks unreal, great work.


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    Amazing result Rhino
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    Very nice mate - you're a clever bugga....
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    I love that it’s got real character,you are a master craftsman!!!

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