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    Wanted yew stave

    As per title, yew or osage, need a piece 6 ft long, I'm happy to work with a few wobbles in the grain and needs enough width/mass to knock up something with a man sized draw weight- 55# plus.
    Cash or can do a custom knife, hatchet, bearded axe or leather work in exchange, I also have a selection of materials to swap, buckets of railway spikes, fancy timbers, resin poured/burl knife scales not to mention full made trad kits for adults and kids.
    I'm located near in the Mary Valley so would be happy to drive to Sunshine coast, Brisbane to pick up.
    Kind regards Rhino
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    Talk to Colin Gair from Outlaw Bows
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    Hey Pete, that seems to be a Facebook only business and I can't access it, any chance you can sms me his number?
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    Might have some Aussie grown Osage, could take me a day or two to measure it but let me know if you’re interested. Postage to somewhere similar was $80 or so from memory but that was a full stave, can probably thin it down a lot to save weight.

    I’m part way through a selfbow now and it’s pulling #craploads and it’s down to 1//2” or so thickness.


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