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    Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 w Z5 Cam

    Thinking I might regret this but,
    Im Selling My custom 2013 Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 w Z5 cams.
    Its a black riser with Auscam limbs, 65# max DW set at 31" DL but i have mods which should get about 30"-32"
    It started out as a long draw model, I bought and fitted the shorter Arc limbs and Z5 #3 cams.
    I Made the strings and shimmed the cams and it shoots bare shafts and fixed broadheads perfectly.
    The limbs I bought second hand and the guy had them dipped in auscam, its not the best job and there is some cosmetic damage from him removing them (in the photos) but the limbs are in good shape with no splinters.
    It has been my hunting bow the last few years so it has a few scrapes, nothing serious.
    I've got the new ultraview grip on it now, i also have the xact grip in green and a black hoyt wood grip.
    Bow sold bare bow, three grips and required set of mods, $850 plus post.

    Ive also got a few other bits im getting rid of,
    A set of RKT #3 cams with mods to fit but Ill only sell those once the bow goes $70 posted
    A set of Fuel #3 cams with 3B mods, no mod screws or cam bearings. $40 posted
    A set of XT1000 hoyt limbs, 102 deflection, bone collector edition. $160 posted
    A carbon matrix plus riser and limbs, no cams or strings. $100 plus post

    If anyone wants it all I'll work out a deal.
    Plenty of photos to come, Pm me your number if you want any more photos.
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    Im going to keep the ultraview grip.
    Bare bow with wood grip or green x-act grip $700 +post.
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    still for sale?
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    Yeah mate all still available.

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