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    Hoyt Redwrx 1 Ultra complete package

    Only purchased in March, this bow isn’t getting the use it deserves. My loss is your gain!

    Hoyt Redwrx 1 Ultra, 35” ATA, 60-70#, 28-31” draw length. Fired less than 1000 arrows. Bag included.

    Fitted with practically new Gas High Octane string in Kiwi.

    Hoyt Bone Collector bow quiver.

    QAD Ultrarest HDX dropaway rest.

    Axcel Accutouch Carbon Pro single pin sight with X41 scope and sun shade.

    30” Bee Stinger front stabiliser, 12” rear with quick releases.

    Carter Just B Cuz 3 finger release aid.

    All have had very little use and are in pristine condition. Located in Box Hill, NSW.

    Take the lot for $2000. Prefer not to separate yet but will if there’s no interest.
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    Prices for separate parts:

    Bow with new string, $1200

    Bow quiver, $100

    Sight, $300

    Release Aid, $220

    Rest, $120

    Stabilisers with q/r fittings, sold
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    Gday mate, is the sight still available?
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