Howdy folks, I'm at the point where I want to upgrade from my current compound to a PSE Evoke35.
Curious to hear people's experience with these bows and any comments on the cam modifications that can be made ie SE or EC? Best let-off.
I've shot one at my local range and I'm very impressed with it but considering my current bow is a 2016 PSE StingerX, I'm not surprised.
Also trying to work out which bloody arrow rest and sight to go for, so opinions on those also please.
Most usage is going to be for field archery with the odd 3D shoot and some hunting (rabbits, pigs, goat and maybe one day deer).
Currently shooting 60lb and at my age, I think I should stick with that so I don't risk wrecking my shoulders.
Basically I'm looking for the whole set up.
The Stinger has served me very well but I think I'm at the point of stepping it up a notch now.
Budget to 2k set up.
Thanks in advance,